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Management Diagnostics

Practically proven and scientifically based quality standards

Professional management diagnostics makes an essential contribution to the effective selection and development of executives. In both, the development of instruments and in the execution and documentation of results, we place the utmost importance on the highest quality. Our approach is based on current scientific findings as well as proven standards. It is consistently oriented towards the needs of our clients.

To ensure a suitably intensive examination of performance and potential within the top management target group, we conduct diagnostic procedures exclusively as individual sessions. We work in a consultant tandem following the principle of four eyes, combining various target group-approoriate modules and methods that lead to a valid assessment of relevant management competencies, and, collectively, to meaningful results.

In the consultant tandems we pay attention to the combination of methodological expertise, business accumen, and leadership experience. This allows us to operate on an equal footing and significantly contributes to the acceptance of the diagnostics and their results.