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Selection Diagnostics

Effective approaches to making successful staffing decisions 

When it comes to filling key positions, poor hiring decisions are not only costly but can often have fatal consequences for the corporate culture. Professional diagnostic procedures can reduce these risks dramatically.

Taking an independent, neutral approach, we check the suitability of your candidates for a specific position or hierarchy level. While keeping in mind the business context as well as the team or board constellation, we use sound methods to support tailor-made decisions.

You receive an informative overview of the extent to which the candidates meet the specific requirements attached to the position. In it, you are informed about which development needs exist and how potential risks can be minimized. This applies to occupations, promotions, mergers and strategic realignments of companies as well as selection processes for talent pools and development programs.

Achieving valid results through structured diagnostics 

The process starts with a thorough requirements analysis. Along with the requirements associated with the position in question, we take into account particularities of the industry, the company and the board or team.

Together with you, we determine the competencies relevant to success. Our observation and evaluation system enables an in-depth analysis of individuals’ general-management skills and performance potential and makes it possible for you to compare your candidates.

A combination of diagnostic modules produces meaningful results: The interview as a core module is complemented by other behavioral-assessment instruments (e.g., a Business Case) and data sources (e.g., questionnaires). The contents of the modules always reflect specific business requirements.

The dual-control principle of a senior consultant pair with many years of diagnostic, business and leadership experience ensures an accurate, objective assessment as well as acceptance on the part of the candidates themselves.